What does San Antonio squirrel feces look like? Where is it found?

Feces of San Antonio squirrels are oblong pellets that are at slightest 3-8 inches in the diameter, although they vary in size. Their tips are rounded and they bulge in the middle. The fresh ones are in dark brown plus they become lighter as they grow older. The pellets look almost the same as those of a rat, but they are fatter and they get lighter as the time leave behind.

If you want to clean after the Texas squirrels, you have to remove all the droppings that you can by vacuum or by hand. Get rid of the soiled or dirty insulation and keep them secured in plastic bags. Wear gloves and respirator mask while cleaning, and if possible put on a body suit. You can look for the squirrel feces in the yard, ceiling and crawlspace.

Even if you may not have seen a San Antonio squirrel in your home, seeing the droppings is one way that you will become aware that you have a problem. You should not confuse the squirrel droppings with those of mice since mice droppings are as small as a grain of rice, while those of a squirrel are big like a bean. The droppings are also darker and you will find them in different places compared to where you can find the mice droppings. If it is a mice problem, then you will find the droppings in the places where you keep food like in the pantries. However, the squirrel droppings, on top of the additional hand, will be closer to an entrance where the squirrels enter into the home or in the places where they hide. Whenever you find squirrel droppings, it is best if you can clean them up right away to avoid cases of diseases. If you cannot clean them up yourself, then you should call for a professional to help get rid of the problem. You can clean the area with a paper towel or rag and then use bleach or a special cleaner. Make sure that you do not come into contact with droppings. You should wear rubber gloves when cleaning up their feces. You should also start to work on how you can get rid of the squirrels through putting traps in the area where they pass or where they eat.

If you do not want to clean up the Texas squirrel feces, then you should try to use an enzyme based spray that can eat away the feces and break away any type of organic matter like their urine and droppings. You can also learn how you can clean materials like wood and carpet to ensure that there is no trace of fecal matter. Whatever you do, make sure that you have put on rubber gloves to avoid any contact with the fecal matter.

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